PMBIA Level 1

New to our course portfolio, international MTB instructor certificate courses are offered at Rychlebské stezky in Černá Voda, Czech Republic.  We are proud to host the  PMBI Level 1 courses conducted by elite coaches from Whistler. Without any doubt,  the PMBIA’s (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association) courses represent world class in MTB instructor education. For quarter century, the PMBIA  instructors and coaches have worked with world’s top riders towards developing a modern, fresh and extremely effective yet rigorous instructor training program. This largely practice-taught course is conducted in English. The internationally well-established PMBI Level 1 certificate represents an ideal option for those who seek international MTB instructor career or plan to teach / coach international clientele at their home resort. Registratio on:                                 

Termíny kurzů

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Course description

The PMBI certificate is one of the best valued licences in the world. The courses are modern, well balanced, fun, and exemplary in effectiveness. We build on similar  teaching approach at IPTC courses but the teaching efficiency so natural to our overseas colleagues we are yet to acquire. No information feels missing while no unnecessary talk wastes the candidates’ time on a standard PMBI course, setting a good model for their own teaching.

The authors’ bulk of everyday practice on Whistler trails combined with opportunities to be part of new discoveries in MTB teaching as they are happening enable the PMBI course materials to be updated twice a year which is hard to match.

Typically, even complex parts of riding or teaching theory feel easier to understand and remember to average second language user when they are explained in original by lecturers at the PMBI courses than complicated by translation.

Course is designed for

  • solid riders inspired by the challenges and fun of MTB who want to make them more easily and safely attainable for other mountain bikers
  • those who seek ways to spend even more time biking through working as MTB instructors at bike parks and trail centers home as well as abroad
  • educators
  • MTB club instructors
  • those who want to systematically develop their own riding
  • lower-intermediate and above English users

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