ITC - D / C / B

Comprehensive training for instructors in the field of mountain biking. Teaching, coaching, and refining riding skills at multiple levels.




Teaching and perfecting techniques specifically for riding on Pump track trails with bumps and banked turns.
Freestyle courses for riding and learning tricks on artificial obstacles.


Skill Camps

For ITC-D / C Graduates

Teaching and perfecting techniques for jumps and drops. Preparation for coaching demanding technical riding. Methodology and psychology of children's education.




International educational congress – WOMBEC (World Mountainbike Education Congress)
International certification courses - PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor)


Our supporters

Whe are we

We are a team of MTB and PMBI instructors and trainers. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic with the necessary accreditations. We are raising the professional standards of instructing off-road cycling and doing Canadian courses here in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Mountain Bike Association ČEMBA and Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association PMBIA. Most of us are long-time instructors in other mountain sports.

Our Instructors

PMBIA license holder, main methodologist and lecturer of ITC licensing courses of level D/C/B and one of the founders of Rychleby trails.

Luděk Šebek

He exchanged 25 years of legendary racing with a number of victories for tutoring. In the team, he works as a methodologist and main lecturer with an ITC level D/C and B license.

Kamil Tatarkovic

PMBIA license holder. Lecturer of ITC license courses D/C/B and specializations in child teaching and psychology.

Jana Hoffmannová

ITC Level D/C and B Licensee, Executive License Course Manager, Methodist and Lecturer specializing in teaching children.

Roman Mojzyszek

ITC level D/C and B license holder, main instructor of the Bike School in the Kopřivná Bike Park.

Ales Handzel

Holder of ITC level D/C and B license, chief instructor and founder of Bike School in Tanvald.

Lukas Cerny

Bike license instructor, ITC-D, C and B license holder. Reigning national champion in the enduro series, versatile athlete and traveler.

Krista Havlicka

Aspirant Bike License instructor, holder of ITC-D and C license, known as Trail Hunter among bike enthusiasts.

David Polesny

ITC level D/C and B license holder, head instructor and founder of the Flowride Bike School.

Jan Filip

Professional mountain biker and versatile competitor in downhill, enduro, freeride bicross and pumptrack disciplines. Czech representative in downhill for eight years. Aspirant for Bike license instructor, holder of ITC-D and C license

Martin Lébl

Member of the Dressler team for ten years, Funbikeschool operator, ITC D/C and B license holder.

Petr Hendrych

ITC D/C and B license holder. Senior member of the Dressler team, operator of Ubikes.Cool

Zdeněk Horský