The first World Mountain Bike Education Congress at Rychlebské stezky has a clear goal, which is to bring together mountain biking instructors from around the world. Sharing the experiences of professionals with professionals and the development of teaching skills through workshops, lectures, and informal discussions will be beneficial for the entire region.
  • Trail riding and mountain biking, especially in recent years, have enjoyed enormous popularity. Centers, trails, tracks, and even bike parks are popping up all over the world, but especially in the regions of the Czech borderlands, these activities have tremendous potential and are attracting new visitors.
  • It is a trend where many ski resorts can maintain quality operations during the summer season and provide year-round employment opportunities. The professional qualification of 'Skiing Instructor' is significant for the entire tertiary sector, not only in mountainous regions of the Czech Republic, and the demand for mountain biking instructors is also growing.
  • Bikelicence is an accredited facility and has been involved in the education of high-quality instructors for several years.
The opportunity to meet with experts from abroad will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of the profession, while also elevating the entire Czech mountain biking community to an international level.

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