Jumps and drops

Skill camp
A camp with a specific focus on advanced air techniques and everything related to controlling a mountain bike in the air.
  • basic and advanced teaching methods for bunny hops, jumps, and drops
  • application of technical maneuvers, including bunny hops, bench jumps, double jumps, drops of various types, sizes, and difficulties
  • in addition to teaching methodology, we focus on bike control in the air
  • for instructors working with intermediate and advanced-level clients
  • the camp takes place in a bike park
  • mandatory preparatory camps for completing the ITC–B course

Courses dates

No dates are currently announced, if you are interested contact us

Conditions/Requirements for Course Applicants:

Holder of Bike Licence ITC-D/C



The price includes instruction by our professional instructors and the issuance of the ITC-Jumps and Drops license. The price does not include a 2-day bike pass required for completing the camp.


Course Schedule:

First Day: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Second Day: 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM



Completion Method, Examinations:


Assessment takes place during the camp, during simulated teaching sessions and technical rides. (It includes demonstrating a bunny hop over an obstacle on flat ground, applied bunny hop in the field, bench jumps, double jumps, and drops, on which instruction takes place during the camp).

A successful graduate will receive a Jumps and Drops certificate as a part of the educational system for MTB Instructor and Guide issued by the Association of Professional Instructors and Guides MTB z.s.

After successfully completing the course, the graduate is prepared to:

  • to work with safety rules, risk management, and organizational skills for safe and enjoyable air techniques
  • to choose an appropriate location and terrain for effective teaching
  • to master teaching management and communication with clients at intermediate and advanced levels
  • to lead teaching of advanced-level jumps
  • to identify the client’s needs and choose an individual approach for their optimal development
  • to demonstrate and explain technical elements of jumping in terrain at an intermediate and advanced level
  • to analyze air techniques with the client, help them identify strengths and weaknesses in their performance
  • to propose and lead appropriate improvement exercises